A mother’s importance on the big day

A mother's importance on the big day

At Samantha K’s Occasionwear, it truly shocks us how many mothers of the couple-to-be aren’t realising the importance of their style and look on the big day.


Depending on how you choose to present yourself does matter! The photographs of the wedding will sit on walls and mantelpieces for years to come along with your son/daughter and your outfit.

Dress up that little extra to show how much you care about the union taking place between two loved ones. Showcase how proud you are of your son/daughter by placing on your finery and looking the best version of  ‘you’.

Be daring and bold as you never want to ask yourself ‘what if?’. Be true to your trend and fashion choices and don’t let others dampen your vision.

Trust in Samantha K’s Occasionwear as we will do everything in our power to make sure you shine on your child’s big day.  Here at Samantha K’s, we can’t wait to make you look and feel the most beautiful yet.



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