Getting the wedding dress wobbles?

Getting the wedding dress wobbles?


Finding ‘the dream dress’ is, indeed, as dreamy as it sounds. Surrounded by family and friends you finally feel stylish, confident and beautiful; before looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing yourself as a bride for the first time.


A state of euphoria and indescribable joy is felt by your loved ones as you share the intimate moment together which helps you, and your partner begin married life together. So, it’s settled, you purchase the dress and remain ecstatically infatuated by the gown, seeing it both in reality and your dreams.


Although, the scenario outlined above of the ‘bridal bond’ between a girl and her gown suggests that your perfect dress will always be just that… It doesn’t always pan out that way.


If your dress is put onto order, you may be left lost and jittery as some gowns take six to eight months to come back into stock after being made for you; New styles might surface that distract you from your dress, raising the question ‘is that better than my dress? Do I like that one more?’. You may even forget how your dress looks or wonder if you’ve made the right choice at all…


My advice, would be to trust your instincts – ask yourself what made you choose your gown, ask your bride squad why they thought it was the pick for you, why did it top the dozens tried on.. Chances are, when these questions are answered that feeling of joy will return.

Avoid comparing gowns, as the old saying goes ‘the grass isn’t always greener’ similarly, the other gown isn’t always greater… After purchasing, take a photo of yourself wearing the dress and use it to remind yourself of how beautiful you look as a bride; while getting excited for fittings and alterations that will turn your dream dress into a perfect one.


At Samantha K’s Bridal, we are more than happy to help and reassure any of our brides who feel as though they’ve caught the ‘wedding dress wobbles’ including multiple try on appointments and fittings. We do not pressure any brides into purchasing with us, as we hope when faced with your future wedding dress, brides alike, will love and wish to purchase it, no questions asked.



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