The perfect fit

The perfect fit

‘Have you ever been left wondering what a dress fitting entails?


It may sound self explanatory and simple enough, however there are a few things you may not realise…


Whether you are a treasured part of the bride tribe or the blushing bride to be; fittings are for you. Our tailoresses and dress consultants will listen to you and achieve (where possible) the fit and finished look you request to feel your best, in your dress.


Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion or ask the seamstresses and staff at Samantha K’s and Exclusively Bridesmaids for advice or answers to any queries you may have in fittings.


If you’re wondering about the costs of any alteration, be sure to converse with the seamstresses so they can reassure you and outline what you’re paying for.


It is also important to note, that some alterations may be trickier than others (for example taking in a dress two sizes) may take cause more fittings and a higher cost to arise than a shoulder lift. However, in store you will be guided by consultants regarding how many more appointments you will need.


Although we cannot give definite timeframes, we suggest you begin fittings 4-6 weeks prior to your event date; in order to guarantee the perfect fit is achieved.


We conduct fittings on a Friday and Saturday in store at Samantha K’s and Exclusively Bridesmaids so, our seamstresses travel to store for our customers. By making a fittings appointment, you/your bridal party are given a free personalised one hour fitting consultation with staff; whereby we will see how your gowns fit before agreeing a plan of action with yourselves and the seamstress.

We also must stress that fittings are specialised appointments for you and your gown. Although accessories may seem like a priority, fittings appointments are made to prioritised the fit of your dress. Accessories consultations can be arranged separately for you; whereby you can be taken to browse and try on shoes, headpieces and other accessories on a separate occasion.


Provided you are satisfied with the alterations advised and costings after being shown the ideal result with the pinning process, the seamstress will then agree to begin the work for you.


In store, we will co-ordinate fitting appointments for you while also storing your dresses prior to and after any alteration is complete. We also offer a free of charge service whereby your gowns are prepped and steamed in store before collection.


At Samantha K’s and Exclusively Bridesmaids we are more than happy to store any product purchased in store for you before the big day at no extra cost.


Alongside our responsibility to make sure our customers look sublime and receive service that is second to none within the alteration services, we must stress that our customers remember things too.


If you’re planning to wear specific underwear on your big day such as spanx or a strapless bra, bringing this to your fitting will help us eliminate unnecessary work being carried out along with charges, similarly, with any shoes that will increase your height and alter where the dress may fall; if you bring them along to fittings with you, work carried out will be more accurate and time effective.


In order to keep the gowns in pristine condition, we ask that heavy makeup that could stain fabrics along with fake tan is avoided where possible to eliminate any accidental damage. Similarly, strong anti perspirant and roll on deodorant has the ability to stain so is advised against.


Alteration work will only begin once costs are understood and agreed by customers of the seamstresses. We suggest tailoresses however, they do not work for us, only in partnership with our company.


Upon your gowns coming into store, you are welcome to use the service we recommend or take your gowns to be altered elsewhere once the balance is settled.


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