Knowing when the time is right

Knowing when the time is right

Dress and accessory shopping for some, can be daunting for ‘the big day’. It may seem like an impossible task that you put off or try and avoid to stop stress and worry creeping in.

On the other side of things, you may be uber organised and enjoy the thought of purchasing every item for your wedding well in advance, so that everything is in hand and taken care of.


At Samantha K’s Bridal & Occasionwear and Exclusively Bridesmaids we have some words of advice…

Before you commit to ordering your dress(es) and accessories, it seems like a given that you must give yourself prior time to browse in multiple stores to cement your intentions to purchase, along with further time to obtain the opinions of friends and family and then… simply time for thought!

However, when put into a scenario, the weeks taken to make a final decision about an item could cost you valuable time for ordering, measuring and fittings. Adding into the mix that gowns and accessories may be out of stock and on the verge of discontinuation, may mean that your idea of having oodles of time to buy two months before the big day diminishes into disappointment that you didn’t start the process sooner.


By no means,  do we advocate purchasing millenniums in advance. Instead, we advise that you both browse and buy when you’re ready to do so. Enjoy the experience and don’t make appointments you dread or feel obliged to attend. Use your time wisely and make appointments effective rather than overzealous.

For example: If you’re not ready to try on gowns or have only just got engaged, prioritise what’s important. In the first case it may be getting fit and in the second, celebrating with loved ones.

Make appointments with goals and the right intentions, remember that sales consultants are there to assist you in purchasing, we have a duty of care to you as a potential and existing customer. You are more than obliged to ‘gather ideas’ or ‘get inspiration’ but just remember that everything takes time, both yours and our consultants.

Be realistic about time frames and try to envisage how long the consumer process will take. From finding a piece you like to placing an order, delivery of that item from around the country and fittings, it may not be too early, but it could be too late.


The ordering process, on average can take up to ten months for bridal gowns and six months for bridesmaids and mother of the bride/groom and guestwear. We then advise fittings begin four to six weeks prior to your function to guarantee that the best fit possible is achieved.


Our top ten tips for knowing when you’re ready to buy

  1. Give yourself plenty of time – Bridal (minimum time of ordering 10 months) – Bridesmaids/mother (6 months)
  2. Bring decision makers along to your appointments and VIPS
  3. Know your budget and don’t limit yourself – bringing some funds along to appointments could help you place a deposit and guarantee an order
  4. Be aware of discontinuation lists (stock is eliminated twice a year, and we don’t know when or which gowns)
  5. If you love something don’t wait! (in a scenario imagine your dream dress(es) were put out of production a month after you decide they’re for you, there’s no pressure to buy of course, but colours and styles are never certainly available indefinitely.
  6. Colour discontinuations occur often where, unpopular shades are no longer produced in bulk, so we advocate that all dresses are ordered within the same time period.
  7. Allow time for national holidays such as New Year and Christmas and factories and couriers may be closed with delays
  8. Although unlikely, if your item arrives back into store incorrect or with a manufacturers fault allow time for the issue to be rectified
  9. At Samantha K’s and Exclusively Bridesmaids we have UK sizes 6-28 so, you can envisage how your bride tribe will look on your wedding day. Our measurement service will look to guarantee that the best size is ordered for you as we follow the manufacturers guide. Not leaving it to chance how things may look according to a photograph.
  10. Remember, your shopping experience should be memorable for all the right reasons and most importantly enjoyable. Avoid stress and worry by shopping smart!

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