Flower Girls – Frequently asked questions

Flower Girls - Frequently asked questions

At Exclusively Bridesmaids, we’d like to give some more information about the process of ordering flower girl dresses and the services we offer.

We advise, when looking to purchase gowns for your flower girls; due to growth spurts and fluctuation of size, a good time to try dresses on the young ladies and purchase is around four months before your wedding.

We do not tend to order according to the young ladies’s ages as the sizes may not coincide. For Example, a size 4 on the measuring chart may not be the most suitable size for a young girl who is aged 4 but may be tall and slender.

We instead, tend to order according to sizing charts supplied by the gown designers whilst being generous anticipating growth spurts to occur before your big day. Although, this may create separate alteration costs from the seamstresses (that work in partnership with us at Exclusively Bridesmaids). We endeavour to supply gowns that can be altered (if need be) to fit the flower girls; compared to, dresses that are too small that cannot be rectified at all.

In tailoring, it is much easier to alter dresses down (from larger to small sizes) than try to manipulate fabric from initially small to unachievably larger. After listening to the customer and preparing a plan of action to achieve the perfect fit, the seamstresses will then partake in any alteration that is possible and required; Ensuring both our high standards for the fit of our dresses and customer satisfaction.

Another thing to note with flower girl dresses, is the colour matching process. Suppliers of dresses have different variations of coloured dye for their fabrics. For example: If you were to order navy bridesmaids dresses from one designer and a flower girl dress with a navy coloured band from a different brand, the navy shades may not match.

Despite this, staff at Exclusively Bridesmaids will always endeavour to make sure that your flower girl dress compliments and fits beautifully with your colour scheme and any other gowns you’ve purchased for your wedding.

Upon bringing young ladies into store, once you have chosen the style you wish to order, a member of the team will delicately measure the young lady making sure they are comfortable at all times, before agreeing with the customer the size we suggest to order and advice on alterations.

Depending on any growth, alterations will then occur four to six weeks before the wear date, whereby the seamstress will clearly outline any work they plan to do with customer permission to guarantee that your flower girls look fantastic.


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