Weddings Abroad

Weddings Abroad

If you’re planning on celebrating your wedding day in another country and climate, there are a few things to think about….


First, you must establish the setting in which you’re getting married. This will help the theme of your wedding come together and give you the right inspiration for the dresses you are looking to wear and buy.  As an example: at Exclusively Bridesmaids, we have had bridesmaids pick floral chiffon gowns to compliment the tropical surroundings of the Caribbean, whilst other customers opt for icy satin gowns with faux fur shrugs to fit with the colder climate of Norway.


Remember, if the country is warm you may develop a tan which may impact your choice of colour scheme and dress style. For Example: A strapless bridesmaid dress may be more suitable for your maids to avoid tan lines. You may also want to avoid dark colours such as cranberry and terracotta as they may blend in too harshly with your skin tone(s).

On the other hand, if the country is significantly colder than Wales, you have to acknowledge both comfort and style. A gown with sleeves and slightly thicker fabric may work well, or you may opt for short bolero jackets or fur muffs to keep your bride tribe warm. Pastel colours may get lost in the setting, so bold and rich shades may be more suitable; to help the wedding party stand out.


At Samantha K’s Bridal and Occasionwear , we know that weddings abroad conjure up ideas that it is necessary for brides to wear thin, light and flowy gowns for their beach wedding. While we agree, that said dresses are stunning and can really work well for some. You must ask yourself, are you fitting in with the style of the dress? Or (as it should be) Does the style of the dress fit in with you.

Chiffon floaty styles may be delicate and lightweight, but with this delicacy comes a lack of structure, which may leave your fantastic figure lost under material. As the dress has no specific shape itself it also is likely to cling to your body; due to natural perspiration and heat. If there are areas of your body which you’d like to mask compared to your assets with ‘beach dresses’ you cannot control where the material will sit.

In contrast to this, wedding dresses that contain boning and a more tailored silhouette such as fishtail or a line, are sure to flatter and fit your shape. Making sure your dress is right for you is key. Be sure to not settle for a dress just because it’s simple and easy to transport. Whether you’re getting married at home or abroad, you still must feel your best and choose the wedding dress that makes you feel your best too.

In reality, a chiffon wedding dress is no cooler than a satin gown. The right anti-perspirant and keeping yourself hydrated will banish any nightmares of being too hot on your big day. We advise our brides at Samantha K’s to choose the dress of their dreams and then tailor it to their wedding abroad. A bridal cape may be added to a gown for colder climates or a two piece bridal gown with separates may help as there is less layering in warmth.


Samantha K’s Occasionwear also help mother(s) and grandmother(s) of the bride and groom feel comfortable but still look chic on their big day by suggesting chiffon lightweight overcoats with dresses which are sure to keep you cool whilst on holiday. Similarly, we also offer stunning dresses that have cap sleeves and bardot necklines that can be worn without a jacket at all.

For a colder wedding, you may wish for a dress with a higher neckline or a jacket and dress that has thicker material with lining and multi-layering to keep the cold from creeping in. You may also wish to wear hosiery which we can match correctly to your dress and a more lavish hat.  At Samantha K’s we will always ensure that you look your best by accessorising your look with the perfect headpiece, shoe and bag.


We offer stunning bridal pumps which are perfect for getting your toes stuck in the sand whilst still being glamorous and elegant. Similarly, we offer lightweight veils and hair pieces that are easy to wear yet stylish. For Occasionwear, we have fascinators and hats customised for our customer’s required look to match their gown. Lightweight embellishment and fabric can always be requested along with diamontes and crystals that will sparkle in the sunshine or shine in the darkness.


Customers of Samantha K’s and Exclusively Bridesmaids are provided with a courtesy service whereby, we will safely and securely pack your gowns into your travel suitcase after steaming and prepping them. We will also, provide you with your own gown bags and boxes to store everything in correctly for safeguarding on transport/in transit. Providing you with peace of mind and answering any questions you may have regarding how to keep your gowns and accessories pristine and perfectly packaged.



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