Samantha K’s Sale.

Samantha K's Sale.

If you are planning on visiting our amazing sale here are a few points to be mindful of and help you…

1. Know your budget and be realistic about what you’re willing to spend

2. Bring your bride tribe and decision makers along: a sale is by design an event whereby stock is limited and exclusive! If you need to show family or relatives, why not show them on sale day?

3. Ask yourself if the sale experience is right for you…

A bridal consultation dedicated to you in store is not the same as the consultation given on busy and somewhat frenzied sale events – the volume of people, amount of stock and competitiveness that may arise when wanting to find many young ladies’s dream dress may not be the correct experience for you,when compared to a personal and private consultation at a bridal store.

4. Have ideas of style – many brides who attend sale days are aware of what they’re looking for and therefore, find it very easy to grab a bargain and their bridal gown. Chances are, if you attend a sale to gather ideas, you might leave the event feeling even more lost than you began.

5. Don’t expect ‘showroom stock’ – we strive to offer the best possible stock and choice for our brides, however, the stock we showcase in sales is often taken from discontinued styles in limited colours and sizes.

6. If you have intentions of purchasing in the sale, bring the means to pay with you to purchase any gown – if you feel like you’ve found ‘the one’, just like in a store environment, you’ll be required to pay for the item and take it away with you. However, We do offer free gown bags and any relevant packaging to keep your gown as pristine as possible

7. Establish the end goal of the day and make finding your dream dress a priority, trying not to loose focus or time waste, remember your time is limited so should be used effectively or you may miss out!

We look forward to seeing you there!


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