A marriage is a marriage – regardless

A marriage is a marriage - regardless

Just like the Royal Bride to be, Megan Markle, if you have decided to get married again to your beloved significant other; your marriage should be celebrated, exciting and anticipated.


Regardless of any prior ceremonies or past events, you must remember that ‘the dress rehearsal’ only prepares you for the importance of your future, now.

At Samantha K’s Bridal and Occasionwear and Exclusively Bridesmaids, we believe that you should treasure and enjoy your experience of purchasing your wedding dress, bridesmaids and all accessories. Whether your vows are being renewed or you’ve found the one. Don’t forget that you’re a bride and that means, you deserve to experience your perfect day and look spectacular too.


Our mantra at Samantha K’s and Exclusively Bridesmaids is, that experience is everything. This means that, in every appointment and consultation with us, we aim to make you feel relaxed, content and most importantly, special.

If you have been married before, try not to let that take the shine away from your current ceremony. Just like Megan Markle, getting married again, gives you the opportunity to look and feel like the bride you wish to be, with who you want to spend the rest of your life with.

A marriage is a marriage, regardless of numbers. Be the best you and don’t let other people’s perceptions or opinions dull your wedding day or sparkle, just like Miss Markle.


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