Understanding sizing charts

Understanding sizing charts

When you are wedding shopping either for yourself or the V.I.P.S. on your special day, at Samantha K’s Bridal and Occasionwear and Exclusively Bridesmaids; we endeavour to always offer you the best experience possible when looking for the ‘one(s)’.


Our gowns in store, form part of many multi-award winning collections in both the UK and beyond, and whilst they are designer, they are not couture or made to measure. While couture gowns are made exclusively for you and exactly to your every measurement. Our gowns are manufactured by the designers (who have their own unique sizings) which we tailor for you.


The process of ordering a dress at Samantha K’s Bridal, Occasionwear and Exclusively Bridesmaids, begins, by our consultants taking integral measurements that will determine the size that is best suited for you. Then, after measurements are taken from you or your bridesmaids we will advise you, using our designers’s size charts which gown size (we believe) is the most appropriate for you to order using the measurements of your bust, waist, hip and hollow to hem as our main guide.


It is important to note that sizing charts are much like the different collections from different brands. Each designer manufactures a different style of dress, having equally different ideas of sizing. Some of our designers use sizing from the United States which we then convert to UK sizes. For Example: If you are measuring a UK 14, we will order from the manufacturer a US 16. (Even though it remains a UK size 14).

Staying on the topic of sizing, it is important to know that, the structured nature of our dresses and certain fabrics; such as satin or chiffon are not designed to be loose fitting or stretchy. The quality and weight of the fabric may mean, you differentiate in size compared to the clothes size you wear on the high street. This is because with items made for everyday wear, the fabric is lighter, may contain elastine and also may not be designed to showcase your silhouette and body shape as intensely as a form fitting gown.


As referenced earlier, our designers calculate sizing very differently from one another. This is why it is vitally important that measurements are taken from you, used with the correct chart for ordering and confirmed, to guarantee satisfaction. Samantha and her team, use the size charts to efficiently calculate which size will fit you/your bride tribe best. They are governed by the numbers presented to them on sizing charts, to try and avoid any sizing errors occurring. However, if you or one of your bridesmaids have exceptional circumstances, such as pregnancy or planned weight loss; Samantha K’s and Exclusively Bridesmaids will discuss, and work with you to come to a practical agreement, that is most suitable for you and your situation. Saying this, it is important to note that if you order a size that is contrary to what the chart and staff suggests, no responsibility will be taken for any size inaccuracies or the added cost of alterations needed to achieve the perfect fit.


In store, most of our sizing charts operate whereby, your largest measurement is accommodated first. For example, if you are measuring a size 20 bust, 20 hip but 24 waist on a particular chart. We will order you a size 24 gown to ensure the best fit possible; although this means the gown may be slightly too large on the hip and bust, alterations (at extra charges) aim to tailor the dress to your figure and ensure it fits as perfectly as possible. Altering dresses down, and pinning excess fabric is much simpler for a tailoress, as they are making the gown fit you, rather than having a deficiency of fabric to work with, trying to make you fit among the gown.

Again, please note any alteration work performed on a gown will be at an extra cost payable to the seamstress. Once your gown(s) have arrived with us in store, it is greatly important that you visit us within two weeks to confirm that the items fit and that you are happy. You are more than welcome to try your dresses on, to then gauge, if any alteration work is needed.

A separate appointment will then entail your discussion with the seamstress to achieve the best fit possible, whereby she will make you aware of any extra charges before altering any dress(es) for you.


Lastly, you must remember, sizing charts are ultimately created to help you, as a dress will be made to fit and flatter your figure. They are not designed to cause insecurity or sadness with the numbers they present. Moreover, they are designed to restore security and happiness within you, that the perfect dress, is made for you to treasure.




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