Extended Family At The Wedding

Extended Family At The Wedding

Today’s blog post will discuss and explore the wonderful quirkiness of extended family members, at your wedding and what that means for them, as VIP guests and you, the bride/groom.

Consider firstly, any theme for your day you may have and how family members can help you uphold and celebrate this. If you have a colour scheme in mind, involve them and ask how they’d wish to interpret it for your big day. Think about, joining them shopping to advise and suggest or even sourcing them a swatch of fabric, for them to understand and bond with your vision. If you live far from one another, you may wish to send images via the internet of your ideas and inspire them with video calling. To make sure, that all family feel involved, important and included in one of the biggest days of your life.


Secondly, communication is key. Ask what they were supposing to wear, support them with ideas, whilst making positive suggestions where possible. Remember, the main (and most important) goal of shopping for every single wedding item, is to get married and unify your love with your partner and supporters in life. Try not to get blind sighted on thoughts of perfection or what the opinions of others may be. Your family’s presence at your wedding should be the number one focus and priority above all else.

Moreso, if your extended family actively participate and are aware of your ideas, they are more likely to compromise for you and honour your decisions.


Furthermore, If you are an extended family member, think about the mothers of the happy couple. To avoid upset or clashing, ask politely if there is anything they’d like you to avoid or anything they can suggest for you. Don’t forget, all guests want this wedding to look as beautiful as possible. Where possible, try to work together as a family, to compliment one another whilst staying true to your own personal wishes. Be bold, or blend smoothly with the other VIPS. However, don’t forget who’s vision you are helping to blossom. Permission may not be necessary but honesty and transparency keeps ill feeling at bay.

There should be no rivalry or negativity surrounding outfits or comparison of appearances. Be kind to one another, and cherish the wedding celebrations for the true significance they hold, to yourself and your family. Celebrate love, by showing love, yourself.


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