Thank You

Thank You

At Samantha K’s Bridal, we have been truly humbled this week by receiving a global award for ‘The Best Bridal Boutique in Wales’.


This blog post is written out of the whole team’s gratitude and appreciation for our customers, both past, present and future.

Samantha began her venture into bridalwear three and a half years ago after much deliberation and encouragement. At the time, it was a completely new concept for her, but unfazed and determined as ever; Samantha wished to offer the best customer service and selection of gowns possible for brides to be. Never, did Samantha envisage the success and support she has received upon beginning her transformation from ‘Samantha K’s Occasionwear’ into ‘Samantha K’s Bridal and Occasionwear’ and ‘Exclusively Bridesmaids’.


With dedication and customer satisfaction on the forefront of her mind; along with her keen eye for the latest trends and classic sophistication. It was safe to say, Samantha truly found her calling; offering both stock and a retailer experience to treasure for customers. Soon, the demand for consultations became so large, that Samantha decided to pass her flair and experience onto her valuable team. Always, stipulating that experience at Samantha K’s Bridal is everything above all else.

As the team got larger, Samantha soon realised that her premises needed to expand too. Showcasing her originality and passion for perfection, once more, she decided to renovate a public house and restore it to its former glory as the beautiful store it is today. No longer simply offering elements of bridalwear among other things, Samantha now has a bespoke bridal floor exclusively for designer selection of award-winning gowns.

Winning this award, truly showcases Samantha’s success and care for those she serves, as she always looks to improve and better what we provide. The team see daily, the hard-work, finesse and standard that Samantha gives to her employees, business and customers;

Naturally, we are delighted that Samantha has been recognised for her excellence and always wish her every recognition possible in the future.

Thank you to everyone who has believed in Samantha K’s Bridal – but above all else, we wish to thank Samantha for the elite service and standards she provides.



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