Our Info On Occasionwear

Our Info On Occasionwear

If you are a looking for that special something for an upcoming wedding where you happen to be a V.I.P. – There are a few tips and useful advice from Samantha K’s Occasionwear which could put the shopping-stress at bay.


Establish that you’re ready to start looking for your outfit, it is never too early as styles and colours can change. If you are looking for something specific, it may be wise to browse and ask about the season’s current colours and the overall look which designers are aiming for.


This will help you gauge when the optimum time to shop is. For Example: If you’re looking for pink tones, maybe avoid winter stock and target stores around January time as we always order a season ahead.


At Samantha K’s Occasionwear, we are already looking at Spring/Summer stock for 2019, now (September). Be shop smart, to avoid wasting your time, phone the store and request to know more about our current stock and the seasons in store; i.e. autumn/winter or spring/summer. Ask which colours are popular and what we’re expecting to arrive in store. This will help you plan when is the best time for you to visit us, having established you will have optimum choice.

At Samantha K’s Occasionwear, a large proportion of our outfits aren’t re-orderable. This means that the stock on the shop floor is all that we will receive of a particular style. The same applies to some hats and fascinators as they accommodate the stock we have ordered. Designers are constantly working ahead on to new and upcoming trends for each season, Samantha K’s Occasionwear like to keep their stock as modern as possible meaning we do not hold a large quantity of back stock, instead we choose to order new styles constantly to try and cater for as many VIP occasionwear looks as possible, remembering that ‘fashionable class’ is key.

As our Occasionwear is sourced from a variety of designers from around the UK and beyond, sizing can sometimes be confusing. For example, a collection in Spain, or America will base the sizes in their collections on the population and how they measure up. For example, a Spanish size 10, could be the equivalent to a UK 8 and a US 6. The material of the gowns and silhouettes, also sometimes dictates the fitted nature of the dress/jacket. Which may mean your size in high street clothing, does not equate to your size in tailored garments of occasionwear.


When buying your gown, remember that the fit, irrespective of any size, must be comfortable to wear all day, and night. It must flatter you, while giving you the best shape possible and the added confidence that you look outstanding.

Overall, the key point is, you should shop for your wedding outfit when you feel ready to do so, be excited and be open to ideas and options on how to achieve the perfect version of yourself. We have had ladies, buy for 2020, simply because they have fallen in love with their dream dress, just like the bride. Remember, your shopping experience should be treasured and a throughly enjoyable experience. You are a valuable family member in your upcoming wedding, that deserves to feel and look amazing, both when buying your outfit and wearing it on the big-day.

We look forward to helping you find your perfect outfit and accessories at Samantha K’s.





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