Purchasing without pressure

Purchasing without pressure

When shopping for your wedding attire you may feel overwhelmed and stressed with the ‘challenges’ ahead. With dozens of questions, thoughts and visions buzzing around in your mind all at once, the appointments and shopping experience might all get a little too much.


If you’re feeling a little muddled, our consultants at Samantha K’s and Exclusively Bridesmaids are always on hand to reassure you and provide confidence, so that you can take the right steps to finding the perfect dresses in a perfect scenario.

If confusion arises about ordering times, when is the optimum time for measurement taking or how the process of ordering with us takes, please just ask. In store, Samantha and team have the number one goal of providing every customer with the best experience possible. We understand that, the task of finding your gown(s) is a momentous and important moment in your wedding planning and memories surrounding your day. That’s why, all staff place importance on how we can help you along on your journey to becoming a bride, bridesmaid or mother of the bride/groom.


Presenting you with daunting ‘ifs’ and worse case scenarios, doesn’t comply with our company ethos. Becoming a customer of ours will always be below becoming an integral part of your oncoming wedding.


We don’t pressure you into buying in store as we believe, it’s important that you’re ready and committed to buy yourself. Being rushed into purchasing isn’t a positive experience. Remember, shopping for your outfit isn’t a regularity, it is a special experience in which you should feel special in too.

At Samantha K’s Bridal & Occasionwear and Exclusively Bridesmaids, the gowns you see and try on with us, are shop samples. More often than not, these styles are reorderable. So, with us, there is no need to ‘panic buy’ or become anxious as the dresses are ordered for you, rather than taken from the stock on the shop floor. Don’t feel bullied or scared into a sale, ask yourself if the treatment your being given is something you want to experience more of in the coming months. Remember, the process of buying a gown is a long one, interaction with your chosen store, shouldn’t end when you purchase, also you should feel enjoyment in the experience with the store, after all, you are celebrating getting married!!


Of course, our aim is to find you your dream gown, however if it transpires that we don’t have what you’re looking for, that’s okay too. At Samantha K’s and Exclusively Bridesmaids, we wish to provide you with the best service possible and help you, overall. Our honesty and tips regarding the style of gown and shape that suits you in our consultations will always be king, even if we suggest something we don’t stock.

Integrity and kindness is key in our store, our customers are our adverts and we want them to look and feel their best. We will never pressure you into purchasing anything from us or encourage negativity in store. We wish for you to invest in our stock but more-so, our service.


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