Your wedding and the weather

Your wedding and the weather

If the sun shines or your caught in showers remember, what-ever the weather, this is your big day to feel your best and look picture perfect too.

Try not to let Mother Nature dictate your style and ideas beyond recognition. If you’re apprehensive about getting caught in the rain wearing your bridal gown and accessories, have you considered a bridal umbrella? Just like in an everyday situation, you don’t compromise an amazing outfit in fear of getting wet, you just buy a stylish coat or umbrella to go with it!


Faux fur shrugs or sophisticated wraps can help fend off the cold weather in your winter wedding whilst maintaining your elegance and beauty as a bride. Sleeves on your bridal gown aren’t always the answer; if your big day falls among the chiller months. Remember, you must keep in mind what suits you and personal style regardless of any weather that may arise. Don’t choose a gown with sleeves just because you want to keep warm as chances are, the venue will be heated and you will not be outside for long.

Choose a gown that you feel the most beautiful in, choose the gown that makes you feel like ‘the bride’ you are.

If you are having a destination wedding, don’t only look for light fabrics or something traditional for the ‘beach’ wedding.

If structured gowns fit and flatter your body shape more than say crepe or chiffon, don’t discount gowns from your choice just because you fear the heat.

Remember your chance to be a bride doesn’t arise everyday. Feeling a little hot, shouldn’t triumph over your perfect dress, no matter the silhouette, fabric or embellishments. A ‘bride on the beach’ doesn’t always have to mean a lightweight simple gown just because of the temperature and sun outside.

Photographs and memories last forever, beating any feeling or warmth or coldness on your wedding day brought by the weather. Even more-so, happiness and love will reign supreme too, making you forget about the little things.

Choose your wedding attire because you love it above anything else in rain or shine.





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