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Preparing for an appointment

In our fast paced world, we understand at Samantha K’s & Exclusively Bridesmaids that your time is precious.

With ‘The New Wedding’ taking shape too, you may have less time to spare when finding your dream dress(es) and accessories now, too.

In order to help you maximise your time and the quality of your experience with us, we have put together a little guide on how best to prepare for an appointment.

  1. Do your research – Trust us, there is no such thing as a silly question!!

If you have something specific, you’re looking for, be that price wise, style wise or just generally, it’s great to do your homework. Either contact us directly or check our social media pages.

We are here to help in every way!

Advertising our dresses online is vitally important, so that you’re aware of the type of styles we stock and the designers we have in store.

If you have a question please, just ask!

It’s much easier for us and you, if we answer any queries via phone or online too.

Save yourself a physical fact-finding mission and contact us virtually to save your time and effort.

This way, you’ll then come to your appointment with lots of info and optimism, knowing that the appointment itself, will be suitable and therefore, enjoyable for you!

2. Think about the appointment as an experience

Your appointment with us (and any other store) should be memorable, for all the right reasons! Don’t have the mindset that buying a bridal gown/dress is like finding a pair of shoes. Don’t feel rushed or pressured into browsing quickly or purchasing. When you research the stores, you’d like to visit, query about order times. This way, you’ll know when you’re ready to start looking and how much time you need to order gowns. You are not just another appointment in the diary, you are a bride and your experience in store matters. We value inclusion, privacy and attention to detail for every customer that visits us, on each and every visit too.

Your positive experience with the store, be it with us, or another, should only end when you collect your gowns to finally get married.

Bring along your nearest and dearest when finding ‘the one’. Namely, the people who support you and who’s opinion you care about most. This will help the appointment be uplifting for you. Your end goal is to receive helpful advice and the confidence that you look and feel your best. Both the consultants in store and your family/friends should ultimately act as a team, making you feel amazing, hopefully, finding your dress(es) in the process.

3. Be open to the possibility of saying ‘Yes to The Dress’.

Our top tip would be, only begin dress shopping when you feel comfortable to do so.

For example, if you would prefer to save a certain amount for your dress or are planning to lose weight…

We aren’t going anywhere.

An experience where you don’t feel confident in your own skin or an appointment where your current budget may restrict your options isn’t a positive one for you.

Whatever the goal you have in mind. When dress shopping, the main goal should always be finding the dress(es) for your wedding day.

If this means waiting a few months to book, as you don’t feel able or open to purchasing for ANY reason.

We would encourage you to wait.

To have the best possible experience, make sure your circumstances are the best too! (however, that may look for you).

We want to help you and give you our optimum service and selection. All you should worry about when you visit us is…

Which dresses you want to try on first!!

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