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What Should The Mother Of The Bride Wear?

It’s an exciting time for every mother when her daughter is soon to be married. However, it can be daunting to decide what you should wear on the big day. Unlike bridesmaids, the mother of the bride doesn’t usually get given a specific outfit to wear. However, you are still a very important part of your daughter’s day. We’ve put together a simple guide to help you pick which outfit to wear as the mother of the bride.

Wait Until The Bridesmaids Dresses Are Picked

It may be tempting to dive headfirst into picking out your occasion wear. However, it’s a good idea to wait until some plans are already in place. Once the bride has decided which outfits her bridesmaids will wear, you can take some inspiration. If there is a colour theme, you should try to complement that. That doesn’t mean to say that you should wear something similar to the bridesmaids. It’s best to pick something that sets you apart, but still feels like part of the wedding party.

Get The Bride’s Opinion

With so much to plan, your daughter might seem too busy to bother with questions. Don’t let this stop you from taking her aside to ask for her opinion on your outfit. We’re sure she’ll be grateful to know how excited you are about participating in her big day. Most brides would love to have a part in deciding what her mother will wear to her wedding.

The Bride With The Mother Of The Bride

If you’re able to schedule some time, it might be a good idea to arrange going shopping together. This way you can find something that you both agree on, and it will be a special trip that the two of you will remember fondly, even after the wedding.

Give Yourself Enough Time

Although we have told you to wait a little before searching for your outfit, we don’t recommend leaving it too late. Make sure you have an outfit planned at least 3 months before the wedding date. This way, if you need to make any alterations or changes, you have enough time to get that sorted.

If your daughter’s wedding is following a very traditional route, make sure you let the mother of the groom know what you plan to wear. It’s tradition for this to happen in this way, so that the groom’s mother can plan an outfit that will complement yours.


Don’t Forget To Accessorise

As well as your mother of the bride outfit, you’ll also want to consider what to accessorise with. Bags, shoes, jewellery and fascinators all play a big part in your appearance. These pieces can bring together an outfit nicely, creating an elegant finish.

Mother of the bride hats

If you want to have your hair and makeup done professionally, make sure you get an appointment booked in early. The last thing you want is to get close to the big day and panic because you’re unable to make a booking. It can be easy to forget about the things that you need to do for yourself. After all, your daughter’s wedding is a very exciting time and there’s lots to do to help her plan!

For Mother Of The Bride Outfits, Choose Samantha K’s

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