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Who Should You Bring To Your Wedding Dress Appointment?

Going to a bridal emporium to try on wedding dresses is a very exciting time for brides to be. However, bringing the wrong people with you to the appointment can add unnecessary stress. We’ve put together a short guide to help you decide who to bring to your wedding dress appointment.

How Many People Should You Bring To Your Wedding Dress Appointment?

It’s best to check with the bridal emporium first, as some have strict limits on numbers. This can be for many reasons, including space.

Many people in the wedding dress industry know that it’s better to have small numbers at the fitting appointments, so this can also be a factor. It’s our job to make sure you have the best experience possible when choosing your dress. We don’t put number limits on to make things difficult for you, in fact it’s quite the opposite!

Bridal Wedding Dress Appointing Fitting With Three Bridesmaids

We think that the ideal number of people is between one and three. This is for a few reasons. First, it’s easier for you to make a decision when you’ve got feedback coming from a couple of people. Large groups are much more likely to have different opinions. This can become confusing very quickly and make your appointment much more stressful than it needs to be. Second, because you’ve whittled down your list to such a small number, you’re most likely to have chosen people whose opinion that you value the most.

Who Should You Bring?

If you’re struggling to get the numbers low enough for your appointment, follow these tips to help you decide.

First and foremost, if you have a family member or friend who is going to be paying for the dress, you should certainly include them in the wedding dress appointment. This way, they will know what they’ll be purchasing and how much it will cost.

Choosing A Wedding Dress With Friends And Family

Most brides like to bring their mothers to their wedding dress appointments. However, not everyone. Some mothers have very different tastes to their daughters, and can have very strong opinions. If you feel that inviting your mum could cause unnecessary stress, you can tell her that you’d rather surprise her with your chosen dress on the big day.

If you have a close friend whose opinion you trust the most, then it makes sense to invite them. Anyone who you can trust to give honest advice without being bossy would make a great accompaniment to the appointment.

Can You Go To A Wedding Dress Appointment Alone?

Of course! There’s no judgement at all if you’d rather try on the dresses without an entourage. If you know that you want to keep the dress a big secret and don’t need to hear any outside opinions on your choice, coming alone is a great idea.

Brides who come to us without company usually have a good idea of what they want. However, we’d always encourage you to keep an open mind. Don’t dismiss options because nobody is there to push you into giving things a chance. If you’re offered the chance to try on something that you wouldn’t normally go for, take the plunge! You might be surprised by your reaction.

Bride Having Dress Tightened

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